How to cook a sunrise breakfast skillet

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These are the main ingredients

First, dice potatoes (medium)

After that let potatoes soak in cold water for about 10 mins

Next, cut up peppers

After dice them (medium)

Next, peel onion

Then dice the onion into medium cubes

After, drain potatoes

Then dry them off with a paper towel

Heat pan on medium heat and add butter

Next, add potatoes to the pan

After potatoes, add the season salt and simmer for 5 mins

After 5 mins add onions and peppers

Add peppers

Add more peppers

Let simmer for 10 mins with lid on

Crack the two eggs into a bowl

Then add milk in with the eggs

Then wisk!

After the 10 mins add eggs to pan

And scramble

Last but not least add the cheese evenly over the top

All done!

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