How to 5 ikea® storage ideas to de-clutter your life

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We’re partnering with IKEA® to help you turn your messy bedroom into a distant college memory with some simple storage ideas.

It’s no mystery that we love IKEA®. Their products are practical and affordable, and even outright stylin’.

The IKEA® bedroom items are a perfect solution for taking you one step further toward #adulting. To make things even easier, we’re sharing with you five key pieces for a clutter-free life.

Where to begin? Not utilizing the space under your bed for storage is a crime. I’m a tiny apartment dweller, so space is at a premium.

These easy-to-slide drawers are just the thing for storing all of your bedding — sheets, extra pillows, and blankets fit perfectly.

This nightstand is not only super cute, but it’s actually quite functional. The top can be removed, revealing a basket that can help to store unsightly but necessary items, like your phone charger.

Its functionality is spot on for keeping clutter at a minimum.

Keep your drawers organized with these super handy boxes. You’re more inclined to put things away when they have a place, so maximize the space in your drawers for your various accessories.

We love this multi-functional spotlight. It’s great for late-night reading — or tablet scrolling, more likely. The wall mounts keep your nightstand clear for other necessities.

This bench is legit. It’s a perfect staging area for getting ready in the morning and also doubles as storage.

We like to use the space to store off-season clothes, because who really needs their winter parka hanging next to a summer cardigan.

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