How to create a wood burned cheeseboard

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Before you start you will want to arrange your letter stencils on your cheeseboard.

Select wood stamp to use with woodburner. Screw stamp in clockwise. Allow woodburning tool to heat up for a few minutes. Make sure to avoid any body contact with the torch tip as it WILL burn you.

CAUTION! This wood burning tool is extremely hot! We can't stress that enough. Make sure you don't touch the metal portion for any reason. Use the pliers to screw the wood burning tips on and off.

Each tip will need to heat up on the tool for a minute before use. You can first use a tester-strip to practice using the tool before starting on your board.

Once confident begin your letter stamping. TIP: you can make a light pencil mark to help guide your words to keep them straight

Keep stamping until you have completed a word or phrase.


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