How to make clear acrylic art deco

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Cover one side of 20*20'' clear acrylic album page with a thin layer of Art Anthology Blue Topaz paint. Use the painters comb to spread the paint over the whole piece.

Use Blocked stencil and add some Mardi Gras Velvet paint over the blue paint. Let it dry.

Use 3 different circle punches to make your cardstock stencil. Add Vegas Gold Sorbet paint with pallet knife and lift the knife over the paint to get the texture shown here. Do not touch till dry.

Use smaller circles to add Vegas Gold paint over the page randomly. Let the gold paint be totally dry before the next step.

This is how the piece looks with all circles added and dry. Clean your knife over the page to add more gold paint between the circles.

Cover a few different chipboard stars with Mardi Gras Velvet and Red Velvet Sorbet as shown. You can mix those two colors over the same chipboard piece. Let them dry.

Cover the clear back of your acrylic piece with decoupage paper using Gel Medium. If you don't have thin paper you can use the nice napkin too. Don't try to make it perfect as we want the texture.

Add small dots of Dazzle Sorbet paint around the circles and over the stars. You can use the needle tool, the thin paint brush or even your fingers. Glue the stars around the page.

Glue old metal letters to make the "Find ... Star" sentiment. Add sticker letters to make the word " your" and cover it with clear glaze as it's very difficult to glue stickers over the paint.

Tie the white silk ribbon on the top using the album holes. Add some clear glitter over the whole page.Paint around the edges with Vegas Gold paint.

Those are some close- ups to the finished deco piece.

More close- ups to the finished piece. See how the decoupage paper on the back fits the painted front of this project.

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