How to make a cool candle holder

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Cut three pieces of sheet metal....... (1x 80mm x 80mm) (2x 70mm x70mm)

With the ruler scribe all the diagonal lines to find the middle of each one. Once you find the middle of each three, centre punch them using the ball pein hammer

Put the end of the divider in the divet. Then mark out a perfect circle for all three pieces of sheet metal

Then cut the three circles out with tin snips

Using the Drill press drill holes in the centre of the circles

Using a File, file all edges of the circles until there totally smooth

Grab your dish Moulder and wack the sheet metal into the mould with the tinman mallet. You'll do this to create divots in the metal. (Make sure there's no bumps or creases in the metal after shaping)

Finished product of the dish (note that my candle holder will have three of them)

Make sure to grab some sandpaper and sand paper them down so there smooth ready to paint later on ( if you don't rub them back the paint will peel off)

Using the scribe mark 2x 100mm flat bar, and cut off using the hacksaw. The two pieces of flat bar will be the feet

Also using the hacksaw, cut of 2x 210mm flatbar for the two off scrolls that go off the side of the main 400mm scroll

Then also using the scribe measure 400mm for the main scroll piece and cut using hacksaw

For the main scroll (400mm) Measure 180mm into both ends of the flatbar and create a curve on both ends of the 180mm line

........ (note: scrolls have not been put in at the bottom

Using the Drill Press, drill a hole under neath the top of the main scroll

Now with the two 2100mm flatbar (off scrolls) measure in 15mm and scribe a line

Bend the end metal into 90 degree angles using the vice and the ballpein hammer

Using the Scroll Plate, scroll both pieces of metal with the bended ends (the off scrolls)

Using the Drill press again, drill holes in the centre of the bends in the off scrolls

On both sides , measure up to 1300mm and drill holes (this will be where you pop rivet your off scrolls onto )

With the Drill Press, where 1300mm was drill the hole int the centre of the width of the flatbar on both sides

Using the Scroll Plate scroll both ends of the main scroll

.......after scrolling main scroll. I'm sorry I missed a step but I'll put in in this step. Make sure to drill holes in the bottom of this main scroll

Using the hand drill, drill holes in the top of the off scrolls for the dishes to later on be pop riveted onto

After following those 24 steps, you should have: Your main scroll, the two off scrolls, the two legs and three dishes

Using the File, remember to file all pointy ends as this could be a safety hazard which can lead to cutting you or whoever your giving the candle holder to

For both feet (100mm flat bars) find the middle and mark 40mm in of the middle on both sides of the feet

Using the vice and ballpein hammer the 40mm lines and create bends on both sides

Result .......

Using the Drill Press, now drill holes in the centre of them

Now grab sandpaper and sand it all down so that the paint will stick later on

Grab the Pop Rivet Gun and pop rivet your feet into the bottom of the main scroll


Then pop rivet the two off scrolls ( make sure there tight and won't wobble )

Then pop rivet your dishes ( on to the middle of the main scroll and two for both off scrolls)

And there you have it!!! All it needs now is some paint!

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