How to make macaroni

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Get a bowl

Turn on your stovetop and let the water boil

Here is the box

Once your water boils, pour in some noodles

Here is what your noodles will look like in your water (note: I am using a different bowl than you probably are, it will not be identical)

Stir it up

This is art

Start a timer for eight minutes

Stir your noodles throughout your boiling

Keep the stirring happening

*NOTE: don't spill your water

Turn on a fan so your kitchen doesn't get too hot

The timer has ended, so take your noodles off the stove

Take some noodles from your bowl and taste test them

Run off your stovetop

Pour your noodles into a strainer to strain the water out of your noodles

Make sure you do not spill your noodles in the sink

Use a stick of butter, cut it in half

Get some milk (I used 2%, you do not have to)

Get 1/4 a cup of milk

Put your butter in the bowl you used to cook the noodles, let it melt

It is melted

Put your noodles inside

Put in the milk,

Cheese it™

Mix it up

Your macaroni is cheese and you can now eat it up

*NOTE: clean up your mess, do not let it sit

Fill two cups of water into your bowl

Watch the video: How to make Chicken Macaroni soup recipe. Macaroni Soup Recipe. Vegetable Soup Recipe. Soup Recipe


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