How to change a diaper

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Before beginning, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Next, prepare your surface by placing a blanket or towel down.

Next, lay your child down and begin to remove the dirty diaper by unstrapping the sides and folding the front down to the back.

Now, making sure the diaper is folded underneath the child's bottom, grab a baby wipe and clean the child's inner thighs and private parts.

After using the baby wipe to ensure the child is clean, grab a rash powder or ointment and apply it to the rear.

After applying the cream, allow time for this to dry. During this time grab a new clean diaper.

After everything has dried, grab the child's legs and gently lift their bottom off the surface and slide the clean diaper under. When the clean diaper is fully placed under, remove the dirty diaper.

Now that the diaper is under, pull the diaper through the legs and secure the tabs on the sides

Now that the diaper is on and fully secure, put the child's clothes back on by sliding them over the diaper.

After disposing of the dirty diaper and cleaning up the materials, again wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap.


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