How to hide apps on apple devices

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To start, make sure the app you want to hide isn't on the 1st page.

For example, I will hide ASKfm for demonstration.

Before we hide the app, we need to fill the app dock (the very bottom row of apps) with apps.

Now we need to fill the first page with apps, so I'm going to move the PlayStation app to fill the first page.

After you drop the app off, we're ready to to hide the app.

Drag the app over to the first page.

Carry it over top of whatever app is next to the bottom right corner, but don't let go, if you do, you have to start over from step 4.

Hold the app down over the other app until it creates a folder, but don't let go, take the app back out of the folder.

The app that you had added to the corner earlier, should have now reappeared. Now just take the app you've been holding and drop it off at the app dock.


You shouldn't be able to find it at all.

You can even check your folders.

The only way to get the app back on your home pages, is to restart your device, or if your device dies and you turn it back on, but the app can be found in the spotlight search.

Just type in the hidden app's name.

And there it is!

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