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Completely defrost the ribs under refrigeration on lined sheet trays. This will take between 24 and 36 hours. Remove the trays from the walk-in and take them to your prep area.

Remove the Smoker box from the smoker.

Fill the smoker box with 1.5 cups of hickory wood chips.

Power buttons for top & bottom smoker ovens. If using both top & bottom smoker press bottom button and set controls according to product being smoked

Turn the oven on by pressing this power button.

Set the cooking temperature to 300F (149C) by pressing this button and then adjusting with the up and down arrows.

Set the cooking time. For 39 ribs: 3 hrs 40 min. 26 ribs: 3 hrs 10 min. 13 ribs: 2 hrs 40 min. by pressing the timer button (the one with the clock on it) and adjusting with the up and down arrows.

Set the hold temperature to 150F (65C) by pressing this button and then adjusting with the up and down arrows.

Set the smoking time to 2 hours by pressing this button and then adjusting with the up and down arrows.

The oven will begin a 45 minute count down to pre-heat itself. You must wait this full 45 minutes before loading and starting the oven. Use this time to prepare your ribs.

Line your work area with sheet pan liner or sheet pans.

Place racks onto sheet pan liner or sheet pan.

Spray pan release spray onto the racks.

Using gloved hand evenly spread wet rub over ribs.

Place the prepped ribs into the rib rack and place into the smoker unit starting in the top slot. Securely close the door of the unit.

Place the smoker box into the oven like this. Be careful, as the interior of the oven will be hot.

Make sure that the door vents are fully closed.

Close the door and press the "Start" arrow to begin the smoking and cooking process.

When the cooking process is complete (3 hours 40 minutes) open the door slightly to allow the smoke to escape for one minute. Then open the door completely.

Refer to SOP -49 for proper handling of the smoked ribs.

When cooled, remove the smoker box and carefully dump remaining wood chips into the approved container with self closing lid. Pour plenty of water over the burnt chips to extinguish any live ash.

When cooled, remove both the steam and dripping pans, and the side racks for cleaning.

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