How to make a paper weaving

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First I hold my paper the TALL way.

Then I line a ruler up with the top of my paper and draw a line.

I write my name above the line.

I fold my paper in half and keep my name at the top.

Now I am going to cut some pants. YUP! This is the belt on my pants.

I cut a line in the middle of the paper to make the pant legs.

I STOP cutting when I reach the line. I know, that's the belt and I don't want to cut the belt. My pants will fall apart!


I cut one pant leg in half to make another pair of pants.

Then I cut again so that I have two pairs of pants. Now I have 4 parts.

I want to make more pant legs, so I cut each part again.

I know that I am done cutting when I have 8 parts.

Looks like a car wash!

Or a skirt!

Next I unfold my paper. This is my LOOM. The lines that I cut are the WARP.

Now I need some paper strips to weave with. The strips are the WEFT in my weaving.

I begin by going under the paper with my strip.

Then over.

I weave the strip under and over, and under and over...all the way across.

I will begin weaving my new strip OVER the paper because I know that the opposite of under is over. This will make my weaving strong.

I keep going with the over, under pattern.

I know I am doing this the right way because I am starting to see a checkerboard pattern of dark and light.

I have made an AB pattern! To keep this pattern going I will repeat the pattern from the first row by weaving a new strip first UNDER, then over.

I keep weaving each row using the AB pattern.

I know I am done when I have no room left to weave. Do you see the checkerboard pattern? I know I did it the right way if I see the checkerboard pattern.

I did it! Now that I am done I will ask a friend to check my pattern.

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