How to make capsicum & eggplant omelette cups

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Preheat oven to grill, about 180C

Grab your cupcake tray

Cut baking paper just larger than the tray. If you have muffin cases, skip ahead to step 8.

Cut into three strips

Cut into squares larger than the cake circles


Place on top with weights to shape the paper. This makes it easy to pour in the egg mixture.

Rinse the eggplant, capsicum, and corriander.

Wash the vegetables

Cut the top off the capsicum and discard both the top and the seeds.

Cut in half and into thin slices.

Cut capsicum to smaller strips and put aside.

cut the eggplant into disks and discard the leaf top.

cut disks into cubes

add oil to a frying pan, enough to cover base.

Add minced garlic

Once fragrant like this, add vegetables

leave vegetables to simmer and reduce.

Cut off a third of the coriander to use.

Finely chop up the coriander

in a mixing bowl add the coriander,

add eggs

Italian Herbs, Rosemary, Sage

Add Italian Herbs, Rosemary and Sage.

Add half a tsp of minced garlic

Whisk together.

add a dash of milk, or alternatively water.

Egg mixture Done

Pour egg mixture into the cups. Go about halfway up the metal.

Spoon the vegetable mix in.

Top with cheese, if desired.

Place in heated oven until golden brown on top


Serve as appetisers or...

Morning breakfast prepped for the week!

Watch the video: Dont fry the eggplant, add 3 eggs, you cant forget it once you eat it!


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