How to draw an animal using simplified shapes

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My selected animal

Blank paper and pencil

Using a marker or pen I traced around areas that looked like shapes. They could be geometric or free form shapes.

I then drew those shapes onto my paper using a pencil, using an eraser as needed.

I found a few more shapes in the face to add.

Added those shapes to my drawing

Now adding texture using free form shapes and jagged lines.

Still adding texture using lines and shapes.

Keep adding texture.

The final steps to creating texture is about shading which is another lesson.

You can still see my original shape lines. I will erase them as I continue to shade and add texture.

My original photo.

Side by side.. Drawing a buffalo with just shapes. You can recreate any animal or person if you can break it down into simplified shapes.

Watch the video: Simple Shape Sketches: How to Draw a Cat


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