How to 8 closet hacks for your back to school wardrobe

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We teamed up with JCPenney to get your kids’ closets organized and ready for new back-to-school buys that are on trend, easy on the wallet and #SoWorthIt.

1. Display Your New Buys: Make sure all your kids’ new finds get worn right away by displaying them separately on wall hooks and helping them plan outfits that feature their new back to school buys.

2. Separate Outfits for the Week with Foam Markers: If structure is the name of your family’s game, make weekly outfit planning simple with these DIY day of the week markers.

4. Use Fabric Bins for Socks and Underwear: Get the most out of your open or closed closet by putting socks, underwear, athletic wear, sleepwear and accessories in fabric bins on the floor.

5. No Longer a Good Fit? Swap It: Holding onto too-small pieces? Give these clothes a new home by organizing a casual clothing swap with friends, neighbors or cousins.

6. If It Hasn’t Been Worn for 12 Months, Donate It: Make more space for new back to school clothes by going through the forgotten items in the back of your closet.

7. Get Super Space Efficient with This Hanger Chain Hack: If you’ve already cleared out everything you can and still need more space, get vertical by hanging multiple hangers onto a linked chain.

8. Have a Go-To Backpack Hook for Rushed Mornings: Last but not least, make sure those school bags are easy to locate so you can get everyone out on time!

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