How to make love anthem shrink plastic pins

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Gather your materials.

Lightly use abrasive paper to evenly roughen up the surface of the shrink plastic. This will allow the colored pencil pigment to stick to the plastic.

Draw or trace a heart on your sanded shrink plastic with a thin black Sharpie. Most shrink plastic will shrink up to 50% but make a practice piece to experiment with sizing.

Cut out your heart shape with scissors.

Color in your heart with colored pencils. Keep in mind that the colors will become darker once your piece has shrunk.

Use a thin black Sharpie to add desired love song titles or lyrics to your heart.

Repeat steps 2-7.

Put your hearts on medium cardboard or parchment paper and into a toaster oven at 325°F for 1-2 minutes.

Remove shrink plastic pieces from the toaster oven and let your creations cool.

Gather your jewelry pins, E6000 glue, and shrink plastic pieces to assemble your pins.

Apply a small amount of E6000 to the back of a pin.

Place and press the pin onto the back of your shrink plastic piece to secure it.

Let your pins dry for at least a few hours.

Wear your pins everywhere!

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