How to make a yarn tassel

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Gather supplies. My cardboard is 3" x 4 1/2", but you can make yours smaller or larger, depending on your project.

Begin by wrapping the yarn around the cardboard.

Wrap all the way around the cardboard.

Don't pull too tightly!

Continue wrapping.

I wrap the yarn around approximately 40-50 times.

Cut the yarn close to the edge of the cardboard.

You are now ready to add a piece of yarn that will help you hang the tassel.

Measure 8" of yarn and cut.

Sneak the piece of yarn under the front section of yarns.

It is okay to bend the cardboard a bit to do this.

Almost done.

Make it even!

Tie a tight double knot.

The knot will pull the yarns close together.

Carefully cut the bottom yarns. Let your scissors follow the line of the cardboard.

Almost done!

Remove the cardboard.

Save the cardboard to use for more tassels.

Cut a piece of yarn equaling 12 inches.

Place it under the tassel.

Wrap the piece of yarn around the tassel. You can choose to place it high or low.

Tie a double knot.

Begin to trim the ends to make them even.

Give it a good haircut!

Here is the finished tassel.

Now you are ready to attach your tassel to your weaving! You can use tassels on pillows, scarves and other handmade projects, too!

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