How to make baby legwarmers out of socks

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Use an old pair of socks or buy cute ones on clearance at Target. These knee highs were 3 pairs for $2.50!

Cut out the heels and toes (you can trash those parts)

So now you are left with this! We will use the smaller piece to make a cuff finish.

Take the smaller piece and fold it inwards so the insides are touching and it's half the size.

Then insert the long piece in the middle. We will sew around this to make the cuff.

Now sew a straight line around it. Make sure it's only 3 layers.

Then cut excess fabric and fold over!! Now you are done!! Just repeat to other side and you've got yourself a pair of leg warmers.

Made different patterned socks. They end up only costing me less than $1 for each pair.

Definitely my first one came out crooked. But just practice and it will even out!!

They fit pretty well!! And super easy to make. And fast. Only took me about 5 minutes each pair.

Watch the video: Pressing Silky Socks No-Show Socks

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