How to make a "tree of life" bracelet

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Step 1: Measure your wrist

Step 2: Cut the wire with clippers.

Step 3: Measure 2 arms length of string.

Step 4: Double knot one end of wire.

Twist the string towards you

Make sure to twist it tight!

Keep on going until you reach the other side.

Double knot the end, make sure the knot is tight!

Pull the string until secure enough.

Your almost done! Just cross cross and tie off each end of the string.

Pull until desired length.

Double knot the ends.

If you have extra wire, cut it off with wire clippers.

Add a decorative charm (or two!)

And you know have a wonderful Tree of Life bracelet!

Remember, don't make this bracelet look perfect, flaws are what make it special.

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