How to make an art jounal page

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Glue some pieces of G45 Sweet Sentiments on art journal pages.

Apply a layer of Faber Castel acrylic gesso.

Using a baby wipe, remove the acrylic gesso.

Apply Faber Castel Gelato on the edges of the pages.

Let drain acrylic paint from the top of the page.

Repeat this process on the other page.

Apply gesso again and remove it with a baby wipe.

Go around the angels using Faber Castel pastel pencil and blend it with brush and water

Use writing stamps.

Apply gold rub on.

Apply gold mega flakes.

Use a crackle stamp with a gold pad ink.

Apply gold ink pad on the border of the pages.

Watch the video: Make a Watercolor Art Journal Page without any painting skills!


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