How to make a pin-on corsage

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cut all stems on an angle to about 1 inch.

puncture the flower with a piece of wire using the piercing method:

fold the wire down on both sides

wire the next flower using the piercing method as well. remember to fold the wire down on both sides

to wire a mum you must bend the top of the wire so that it looks like a hook

stick the wire into the center of the mum

pull the wire from the bottom all the way thorough the stem

you shouldn't be able to see the wire sticking out of the top of the flower

next you have to tape the flower so that the wire is completely covered

the tape should be very tight and smooth. you should not have any wrinkles

tape the rest of your flowers

position the flowers the way you want them to look when they are all taped together

once you have placed them how you like, tape all three flowers together.

next you will want to add greenery or a piece of filler. I chose to add Italian ruscus.

tape the greenery on either the side of the flowers or the back.

after you have finished taping the flowers together you will need to make a bow. choose your ribbon and make 1 small loop.

twist the ribbon and make another loop on the other side and pinch the middle of the ribbon together.

continue to twist the ribbon and make loops on both sides. remember to pinch the center.

make 3-4 loops on both sides of the bow. after you have made all of your loops you have to make one big loop which you will cut later for the tails.

make 3-4 loops on both sides. after you have made all the loops tie a piece of wire around the center of the ribbon where you were pinching it to secure the bow.

when you have finished tying the wire around the bow you have to fluff the bow by pulling on all of the loops so that your bow looks nice and full.

attach the bow to the flowers by taping the wire around the stems from the flowers.

take a pen, pencil, extra stem, or anything that shape and wrap the end of wire around it so that you can make a curl at the end of the corsage.

slide the pen out and you should see the wire curled up at the bottom.

insert a pin in the side of the corsage so that you are able to pin it on to the person who will be wearing it.

you're finished product should look something like this.

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