How to make canadian beef dip

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First you need something to cook. So I suggest getting one kg of Topside roast beef from your local butcher.

Then set your oven (if you don't have one then get one) to 200 degrees C.

Use garlic salt to season the beef BEFORE it goes in the oven. Make sure you cover all of the beef heavily.

Get out your 2 packets of Au Jus gravy and empty into a pot with some water and stir.

While you're stirring all you have to do is wait and stir GENTLY until the gravy has thickened slightly

Put the seasoned beef into the oven for about 50 mins/kg.

Heat up some buns in the oven for about 5 minutes. Do this while the beef is resting.

THINLY slice the meat after the buns are in the oven. The meat will be better cooked in some places. Make sure you give your dog a little if he/she has been good that day.

When the gravy is ready carefully fill one bowl/person.

When all is prepared set out on the table and enjoy. Bon appetit!

How to eat: 1) Stuff your own bun. 2) Dip bun into gravy. 3) Put the bun in your mouth and bite. 4) Lastly enjoy!!

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