How to cook linguine with clams 🇮🇹

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Soak the clams in salted cold water for 30min, this should help removing the sand they might have. Rinse a couple of times, remove any floating pr cracked ones, that means they are not fresh (dead)

Crack the garlic cloves

Add it to a large pan with some olive oil

Rinse the parsley and pick the leaves only

Chop the whole thing finely

Add it to the pan, together with some water

After a couple of minuter add the clams and set the heat on low

Cover with a lid and wait until all the clams are open, this means they will be cooked. If some of them are not open it means they were dead to begin with, you can throw them

There they are, with all of their tasty juice. Turn up the heat and cook for other 4-5min, but don't dry them out

You can cook the pasta in the meantime.

Pour the wine into the clams

Simmer for another 5 min on low heat

Drain the pasta and pour it in

Add some fresh olive oil and sauté the whole thing to mix sauce and pasta evenly

That's the stuff!

Crack some dry chili on top if you like it. Enjoy!

Edit: if you want to add a little more color, you can add a shallot to the garlic in the soffritto, and the toss in halved cherry tomatoes as soon as the clams start opening. Enjoy!

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