How to make sassy graphic 45 "one hot tomato" cards

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With Die: cut panels from "Swanky", distress edges and apply. Without Die: Cut one 4" x 5" rectangle from "Swanky", distress edges and apply to front of card.

With die: Cut one large 'oval' from It's the Berries and apply to front. Without Die: Cut one rectangle 3" x 4" from It's the Berries and apply to the front

Freehand cut various sized hearts from Copacetic and distress the edges. Apply a few to the front of the card. Reserve some for layering...

Apply some hearts to the reverse/inside and add XO Times Nouveau alphabet stickers

With die: Add twine "one hot tomato" chipboard element and apply to the front. Without die: Add a 'one hot tomato' sentiment from It's the Berries, apply small twine bow. Both: Add more hearts!

For extra shiny pizzazz apply some red desden borders (mine are from

Write something sweet inside and give it to your hot tomato!

Watch the video: Gatefold Card Leveled Up by Ginger Ropp for Graphic 45


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