How to use door motion profile using gecko

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Pre-conditions - iOS 7 supported iPhone or iPads or Android 4.4 or latest version supported smart phones and Tablets download MyGecko App and install.

Launch MyGecko App

Register with new account if you are a new user.

Tap on 'I already have an account' if you are an existing user and login using your credentials.

Add your Gecko using + or press on ' Add a Gecko' button in the next screen. Shake your Gecko as per shown in next screen.

Tap to change your profile to Door Motion and provide a suitable name.

If Gecko doesn't connect automatically , select the Gecko having the greatest highest strength from the scan list and wait until it gets connected.

Choose door profile from Choose Profile screen . Stick the Gecko on the door above the handle with Led on the top.

Name your Gecko based on profile selected and Save it.

You need to enable the Mobile Alert from Gecko profile screen for your Gecko.

Alert is received in the phone when any door motion is detected.

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