How to make an altered medicine bottle with washi tape

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Locate an old medicine bottle. Make sure nothing is left inside!

Use the big black washi tape to cover the whole medicine bottle except for the lid. Use the smaller black and gold washi to cover just under the lid. It won't be perfect but that's part of the look!

Use the smaller black and gold washi to cover the edges of the lid.

Take a piece of Enchantment paper and place stripe side up. Place your lid on the paper and trace the circle shape.

Cut out the shape and adhere to the top of your lid.

If your bottle has any white space left like mine, place some gold Stickles on it, then sprinkle gold glitter over it.


Take your Wicked Whimsey paper and use a paper trimmer to cut off this strip.

Fussy cut some flowers from your Enchantment paper. You're free to use more or less.

Take You Bewitch Me paper and cut out this image.

Take the ivory and gold washi and wrap around the middle of your bottle.

Adhere orange paper strip over washi.

Glue half of the larger flower image first. Attach foam dots behind "Beauty" image and adhere. Glue second set of flowers on top of "Beauty" image. Glue butterfly above the flowers.

Glue green flower onto "Beauty" image. Allow it to fully dry before going onto the next step, or it will be slipping and sliding everywhere!

Take your gold Stickles and outline the "Beauty" image. Note how I outlined the gold lines in the flower image, too. You can also add some freehand swirls like I did.

And there you have it, an altered medicine bottle you can use all throughout fall.

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