How to make vegan ice cream

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About 5 or 6 frozen, broken up in smaller pieces

Use unsweetened plant based milk

Blend bananas and milk for a few minutes and scrape down sides.

Can use pb2 for lower fat option!

This would be basic vanilla

Add pb2 or peanut butter but not both

Splash of vanilla and blend until well mixed, about 3 min

This would be chocolate peanut butter! I usually scoop out 2 servings here for myself and grandma :)

Add frozen cherries, walnuts and choc chips and pulse blend a little bit more

Time to dish up the servings

Don't lick the blender blades, you know you want to!

A good rinse out and the Ninja is ready for the next task!

Put the servings not wolfed down immediately into the freezer to enjoy later

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