How to cook shrimp avocado soup

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Gather your fresh ingredients.

Rinse & remove shells from your shrimp. **if you don't have shrimp; you can substitute 2 lbs diced boneless chicken breast**

Juice 2 of the 3 limes and slice the 3rd lime into thin slices for garnish.

Use gloves if you wish, jalapeños can be hot & cause a sting on your hands. Seed your peppers & remove as much of the ribs. That is where the heat is. Then dice into small pieces with paring knife.

Press 1 clove garlic or mince.

With 1 Tbsp Olive oil into your soup pot over medium heat. Add your minced garlic. Don't burn, have all your ingredients ready to get into the pot one after another at this point.

Now toss in those chopped jalapeños. Sauté, stirring constantly for just about 1 minute.

Toss in the raw shrimp that have been rinsed & shells removed. Also at this point, add in all your seasonings- Cumin and S&P to taste.

Add the lime juice and already you'll can see the shrimp turning pink.

Toss in the chopped tomato, ~1/4 cup chopped green onions.

2 cups chicken broth / stock. Into the soup pot it goes.

1/2 cup cilantro into the soup pot.

Dice up your two avocado as so.

Add the avocado to the soup last. Soup should be at a simmer, med-low heat.

Simmer until Flavors merged & taste for heat. If desired (optional), add a dash of hot sauce or add to each individual serving.

Top the soup when ready to serve with sliced lime as garnish & pretty presentation.

Enjoy a bowl! This recipe is Paleo friendly. Not Paleo, go ahead & enjoy a side of tortilla chips.

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