How to core and store a pineapple

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Purchase a fruit that's firm with no soft spots. Color is not an indicator of ripeness and there's not always the sweet pineapple scent. Some say you can pull a green blade from the crown when ripe.

A corer is usually two parts; a handle and a blade. There are different size blades for different sized pineapples.

Twist the crown off the fruit and cut in half.

The end of the blade is serrated like an apple corer.

Place the corer over the center and press into the fruit.

Pressing downward, twist into fruit.

Twist five to six times.

While holding base of fruit, remove the corer.

Cored pineapple.

Note : the corer makes spirals and not circles.

Squeeze the pineapple and collect the juice. This can be used for a piña colada or for freezing slices and chunks.

Slice the fruit while on the corer.

Half slices and chunks.

Pineapple doesn't store well for long periods. If freezing, cover completely cover with pineapple juice - fresh and/or purchased.

To store the other half, press a sheet of plastic against the cut end.

Using an ordinary produce bag, wrap tightly while twisting and pressing out air. Use within the week to enjoy sweet-tasting pineapple. Thanks for viewing. For awesome napkins,

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