How to make homemade strawberry jam

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Wash, slice and remove the storks from your strawberries. Then place them in a large pan with the juice of 1 lemon. Soften the strawberries for 2 minutes.

Put the oven onto a very low heat (gas mark 1/ 110-140) and place your jars into the oven making sure the jars do not touch. This will sterilise the jars ready for your jam.

Get 1kg of jam sugar. It has to be jam sugar to help the jam set!

Add the sugar to the pan and mix until all sugar has dissolved. Let the mixture come to a rolling boil. Boil the mixture until the jam has thickened.

Place a plate in the fridge. Use this to check if the j is beginning to set. Place a small blob on the plate and push it with your finger. If it wrinkles the jam is ready.

Make your own labels for your jam. Do not stick to the jars until the jam is completely cool.

Get the flowered tops, elastic bands, plastic discs and wax discs ready. These will be for the tops of your jam jars. It will keep the jam fresh. Add these when the jam is completely cool.

Ladle your jam into the sterilised jars. This is very messy and HOT. Use a towel to hold the hard and catch any excess hot jam. Now leave to cool.

Add the wax discs to the top of the jam.

Now place the plastic discs over the top of your jam jar. Next place the flower tops over the jar. Fix with an elastic band.

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