How to make outdoor retreat using pallets

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Get some pallets. Preferably the once not treated with toxins, watch out for letters MB. HT are heat treated to be mold resistant so these are ok to use. Get the amount that will fit your space

Go to HomeGoods or Pier 1 or other local decor stores and find some good deals on outdoor pillows. Get a bunch of those; I used 8 square and 4 long pillows

Get twin mattress toppers to fit your size. For this project, I used two twin size mattress toppers. Cover them up with batting fabric for a smoother appearance

Get some nice outdoor fabric. Look for the patterns to match your pillows

Turn fabric inside out and line it with the mattress

Pin the sides of the fabric leaving some wiggle room for the mattress to fit

Sew along the pins on both sides of the fabric. Leave one side open to slip the mattress in

Glue the open end of your mattress cover with fabric glue. Spray the covers with water resistant spray to keep the moisture out. Purchase an outdoor rug, umbrella and some coffee tables

Outdoor deck retreat complete. To happy times with friends and family!

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