How to bake a coffee cheesecake

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Crush your biscuit and add to a bowl

Add melted butter

Mix well

To make the crust, place the crumbs on the pan( mine is 9" cheesecake pan)

Press down firmly

Place it in the fridge and start making your cheesecake mix...preheat your oven to 350 degree

In a bowl add the softened cream cheese

Add sugar

And vanilla extract

Mix well

Add your eggs and mix again

In a microwavable cup, pour your milk and heat in microwave for 15 sec

Add the instant coffee and mix till it dissolves

Add the coffee mix to your cheesecake mix

Mix well

Take out your crust and add the cheese cake mix.

You can now place it in the oven and let it bake for 40 minutes.

After it is baked, the centre should still be soft.

Decorate your coffee cheesecake with chocolate

Volla!! Enjoy!

Watch the video: Coffee Cheesecake Recipe - This is Crazy Easy!

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