How to Swaddle a Baby

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Cotton stretchy blanket seems to work the best.

Lay the Blankie out flat, long ways up.

Lay fussy baby in the middle upper portion of the blanket.

Hold the Baby's arms down toward their belly.

Wrap the right side of the upper blanket around the back and wedge between the back and blanket. When you wrap make sure you pull the blanket nice and snug.

Wrap left side of blanket around the baby and pin under the body also.

Stretch out the blanket...

Fold up bottom...

Wrap the bottom half right side of blanket under the baby.

Wrap the left side around the baby and under. Make sure you pull the blanket snug around the baby!!!

Fold the edge of the last corner you wrapped under the baby's back into a previous wrap.

There you have a perfect Swaddle! Say hello to my little boy (twin #1) :) *Check out his Mohawk...haha! STAY TUNED FOR MORE BABY GUIDES!

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