How to Make Your Plain Greek Yogurt Yummier(:

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So here's the yogurt. Really makes me crave some yagoot(:

Stir well or else you'll find little chunks of things and personally that grosses me out.

Agave time! If you haven't tried it, it's worth it. It's so good tasting and for you(:

Okay so I obviously put more than I needed. My bad. But it'll still taste good!

Stir the agave in.

I don't know if you can tell but it has a prettier color. Not that it matters. But food should be appealing , right ?

So you can mix in any cereal you want but I advise it to be something not too sweet. The flavors just don't mix well in my opinion .

Voila. It looks more yummy in person than in the picture(:

You can add fruits if you like but I just like my fruit alone. This is enough for me. It's a nice healthy snack that will fill you up. And it is good(:

I know this guide is kind of lame. Most of you probably know how to make yogurt taste a little better. I just wanted to make a guide so badly though so I said why not?(hope you enjoy!

Watch the video: Easy Homemade Greek Yogurt Tutorial


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