How to Crumb and Cook Fish

Purchase or prepare fresh fish from your local seafood supplier. I have chosen to use rockling in this guide- it doesn't usually have any bones and is great for the kids.

Cut up the fish into desirable pieces, although the fish is quite thick it will still cook properly. Cutting up the fish into nugget sized pieces works well for children.

Prepare a a bowl and two plates, the first plate is for flour, the bowl is for the egg and milk and the last plate is for the breadcrumbs

When the egg and milk has been whisked together with either a fork or beater, the mixture should be light and frothy and appear like this

The first step is to toss the fish in the flour. Make sure each piece is evenly coated like so.

Once floured, dip the fish thoroughly into the egg and milk mixture then straight into >

The prepared breadcrumbs ( check out my either guides for how to make these homemade breadcrumbs)

Each side of the fish should be entirely coated with breadcrumbs. Place the oil in a frying pan and cook the fish on low-medium until golden, usually around 15 minutes

Make sure to turn the fish onto every side so it is cooked properly

When ready this is how it should look ;) nice and golden

Tastes great with pesto mayo! Another one of my guides

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