How to Knit the Embossed Leaf Stitch

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Embossed Leaf Stitch is knit in mult of 10. I CO 30 sts and worked 16 rows. Row 1k all sts

Row 2p all sts

Rows 3-4k all sts

Row 5*p5, k5, rep from *

Row 6*p4, k5, p1, rep from *

Row 7*k2, p5, k3, rep from *

Row 8*p2, k5, p3, rep from*

Row 9*k4, p5, k1, rep from*

Row 10p all sts

Row 11repeat row 6

Row 12repeat row 7

Row 13repeat row 8

Row 14repeat row 9

Row 15*k5, p5, rep from*

Row 16k all sts

Abbreviationskknit, ppurl, rep from*repeat items between the astericks, stsstitches, COcast-on

Watch the video: Cascading Leaves Knitting Stitch Pattern - Lace Knitting Video Tutorial


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