How to Make Cute Cake Pops

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First, make sure all your supplies are ready and near you

Take your home made cake and break it into smaller pieces

Continue breaking it into smaller pieces then add about 2 spoons of frosting

Mix it well with the cake either by spoon or by your hand

Start making small circles or whatever size you wish .. But make sure they have the same size ,, after finishing .. Put them in the fridge for 15-30 minutes

While the cake is at the fredge .. Melt out your desired chocolate by using the micowave

It will end out like this

Now take your stick and dip it in your meled chocolate ..

Insert it into your cold cakes

Continue like before for all your cake pops

Then take one by one and dip it or cover it by using spoon with the chocolate

Decorate it with sprinckles .. And place it on a well fixed piece

Hope you enjoy what you ended up with .. ❤

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