How to Do 5 Min Eye Makeup

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Gather your supplies

Start by priming your eye

Please don't mind all my freckles!!

Grab your naked pallet

First color is virgin this will go over the whole lid to the brow bone

How it looks

Next we use side car and put just in the middle below the crease because it's very shimmery

See the shimmer

I then take half baked and mix with dark horse for the outter v of the eye

Hard to see v sorry bad pic but make sure you blend well

Blended and very shimmery

I take creep and use it as an eyeliner, it stays longer and blends better

I use my pencil for waterline on top and bottom , I go along the whole eye but some like to only do half. You would also apply falsies at this point but I decided to skip today

Last step mascara an lining your eye brow I just darken mine

Finished a voila 5 min is all it took!

Watch the video: 5 MINUTE Foxy Eye Look Tutorial. Eye Lift Without Surgery


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