How to Make Baked Macaroni

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cook macaroni. refer to its instructions :P

saute garlic, bell pepper, and onion.

add ground beef.

the sauce.

this is the bowl i used.

put the macaroni first in your baking bowl.

add sauce and then add cheese.

then, the second layer of macaroni.

add sauce and then add cheese again.

i used this cheese.

prepare your toppings.

arrange them.

bake under 200 degrees for 20minutes. i dont have a luxurious oven ( T_T)\(^-^ ).

this is my oven/microwave/oven toaster.

its done (=´∀`)人(´∀`=).

yummy d(^_^o)

(^∇^)taste's like pizza

masarap po siya o(^▽^)o

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