How to Fold an Origami Gift Box

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Always crease your folds well. The cleaner the folds, the nicer the box will turn out Card stock will produce a sturdier box. You can personalize your box with a stamp or drawing.

Crease your paper along the x and y axis

Flip the paper over and bring the first corner to the center.

Repeat with the other three corners. The next few steps are going to make a basic square; if you know how to do that skip the next 7 steps.

Flip the paper over.

Fold it bottom corner to top.

Fold in half horizontally.

Open up one side for a squash fold.

Fold the bottom up to the top.

The flatten the fold and finish the creases.

Flip and repeat on the other side.

Open the square back up to step 4.

Fold the sides into the center.

Fold in the top and bottom.

Open the paper back up to this state.

Grab the corner of the colored corner.

Do a reverse fold. Don't worry next is a video of the fold.

The fold in action. Bring the corner up, the in.

Do the same to the corner on the other side.

Grab the section over the corners you just folded and fold it over. The will create the side of the box.


Repeat in the othe side.


Now you have the bottom of the box. Or a simple container if you don't feel like making the top.


Yay boxes!


To create the top, follow the directions to step 13, but fold the sides in about 1/4" away from the center line.


Do the same with the remaining sides. Continue to follow remaining directions.


If you folded far away enough from the center, the top will be big enough to slide over the bottom.


Enjoy your new box.

Watch the video: How to make an Origami Gift Box Base


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