How to Make LCHF Oopsie-Bread

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Your tools and ingredients

Cut some baking paper in the right shape for your oven and grease it with some soft butter and a brush. If you don't, your bread won't come off! Lay the paper on a oven plate.

Split the egg-yolks and egg-whites. Try to save as much egg-white as you can, but make sure not a single drop off yolk comes into the whites!

The yolks go in one bowl, the whites in another. Nicely split, if I may say so :-)

Add 100 grams of cream cheese to the yolks.

You can use any cream cheese you like. For a neutral or sweetened bread I recommend MonChou, in this case I used cream cheese with herbs, like a Boursin.

Add half a packet of baking powder (7 to 8 grams) to the egg-yolks and cream cheese for a more airy and soft bread. This can be omitted.

Add your fibers of choice to thee egg-yolks and cream cheese. Can also be omitted.

For a little more "bite" I like to add something fibrous, in this case cocos fibers, but broken linseed or ground nuts will also do nicely. I use 1,5 tablespoons top, or the bread becomes too crumbly.

Flavor your bread by adding the seasoning of your choice and a pinch of salt to the egg-yolk-mix.

You can also very easily make a sweet bread by adding artificial sweetener, vanilla (aroma), cinnamon. Be creative and try :-)

Time to whisk the egg-whites! By now it also may be time to preheat your oven (150 degrees Celcius).

Whisk the whites until stiff. They should look like this...

... and you should be able to do this without them falling out :-) This will not be possible if you spilled even a drop of yolk into the whites!

Now mix the yolks, cream cheese and whatever you added. If you whisk the whites first, you don't need to rinse the blades in between. (Lazy me, I know)

Mix until nice and smooth.

Now reunite the so carefully split yolks and whites once again!

Gently whip the yolk-mix through the whites, while maintaining the fluffy structure. Use a scoop or spoon and be very gentle!

Poor the mix on your greased baking paper and spread out evenly.

If you have a bigger oven you can also choose to make 5 to 8 smaller breads, but I just fill the whole plate :)


If you like you can cover the bread with cheese. Or cover a soft bread with almond flakes or hazelnut crunch or... You name it :)


Put the bread in the center of your preheated oven (150 degrees Celcius) and bake for half an hour!


The result! Very nice with or without toppings. Once done they do for an easy breakfast and they're perfect to go for school or work! Sweet or neutral oopsies are great with whipped cream and berries!

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